What Do You Need To Know About Domain Name And Hosting?

What Do You Need To Know About Domain Name And Hosting?

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A Quick Introduction

Domain names can be explained simply, your website is a house, the domain name is the address. To find your house people use your address right? Likewise, people can use a domain as an address for your webpage, the domain name is a combination of letters and numbers with the extension of .com, .org, .in and so on. Hosting servers are the actual house where it takes you when you search for the address( domain name).

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Frequently Asked Questions…

1. Is domain name and hosting the same?

Ans: no it is not! A domain name is an address that leads to a particular page for example, Minmegam.com is a domain name or address that takes you to a website to find information. Hosting saves the data of a website in a server, that helps a website to go live on the internet. For example, Amazon Web Services allocates a place in the server so that your site will go live. There are many types of domain names,

  • .in - Used for commercials in India(Country Code Top-level Domain)that is ideal for targeting Indian users
  • .co - used for commercial (Second level domain name system) used to route traffic and it is integrated with country code. Ex: xyx.co.in means that a commercial domain resides in India) if it is abc.co.uk means that commercial in the United Kingdom.
  • .com – for commercial business
  • .org – for organizations
  • .gov – government agencies
  • .edu – for educational institutions
  • .net – for network organizations.

2. Which is important for website development? Domain name or hosting?

Ans: both of them are the most important elements for website development. You can’t see a website without hosting it on a server.

3. Do I need to buy them together? Or can I buy from 2 different services providers?

Ans: You can buy a domain name and web hosting from a single provider or from two different companies, the fact is you will need to edit DNS settings by pointing your domain name to the web hosting company.

4. Can I change My Domain Name to a Different Company?

Ans: Yes you can change it.

5. What is DNS?

Ans: Domain Name Server is the expansion of DNS, and it stores records that are managed at your domain registrar, you can also edit your domain name if you want to move to another host.

6. What is bandwidth and how much do you need?

Ans: Bandwidth refers to the size of data that is accessed while visiting the website. The measurement of transferred data is called bandwidth. Images, audio files, and videos cost higher bandwidth than text.

7. What is disk space and how much do I need?

Ans: Disk space refers to the storage or space available to save files. It can hold different file formats such as HTML, images, videos. the total file size should not exceed the disk space.

8. How do I find the number of people who visited my site?

Ans: There are many tools available like Google Analytics to track your website performance.

9. What is SSL security?

Ans: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a common security protocol used to access information securely online. The protocol assures a safe path that connects two Internet-connected devices. You can find a padlock on the left side of a URL which means that the website is a hallmark of SSL.

10. Can I protect my site from hackers and spammers?

Ans: You need to add a significant layer of security to protect your site from hackers. If you are using WordPress, you can install security plugins to do so.


Ans: If you think domain name and hosting isn’t a big deal before, I hope now you realize that you are wrong! It plays a major role in your website’s reputation.

So choose the good one!