How AI Automation In Factories Impact Jobs In Tamilnadu

How AI Automation In Factories Impact Jobs In Tamilnadu

The Fourth Industrial Revolution also referred to as 4IR or Industry 4.0) was taken into consideration by business firms and organizations, and it continually evolved through time. Automation has changed the history of manufacturing, as a result of this employment goes up and down. The new buzz technologies Artificial Intelligence(AI) Robotisation avAIls factories mass adoption in manufacturing. Let's go through below to examine the impacts of automation in Tamil Nadu.

How AI Automation In Factories Impact Jobs In Tamilnadu

Impacts Of AI Automation Tamil Nadu

Industry: Textiles
Product: Autoconer.

A recent AI-powered “Autoconer” machine that took the whole responsibility of the whole manufacturing process in the Textile industry which replaced 5-10 humans in 8 hours of production. The Autoconer machine slashes productivity time by half. This is the recent example of how AI-powered machines are ruling the industries.

The major benefits of process automation are quality over quantity, consistency, cost and time effective, metric visibility and so on. In this digital world, automation forces firms for this mass adoption with its economic features. The fact may surprise some and depress some, but for firms, this is like a dream came true. Automation can increase production significantly which is a major goal of every firm, it can slash the production charges than the human source. Process automation assists firms to streamline and structure their business and eliminates non-core activities. Automation not only doubles production instead of -8 hours work of humans and it also automates all over the performance of an organization.

AI-powered machines take over more assembling and movement-dependent activities of an organization. While this adoption is more meaningful and the advancements are surprising which makes this worth incorporating with your business. There are plenty of companies in Tamilnadu that work with AI successfully. Along with AI blockchAIn and machine learning are growing simultaneously which makes AI even more efficient and effective. With its excellent intelligence and task management system, it can work recursively to do a task repeatedly.

Real-time example: AI has taken over our daily routine with AI applications such as Apple’s Siri, and Google’s OK Google is one of the most used AI applications all over the world. (searching a location, dialing a phone call, replying to a mAIl and capturing a selfie).

The dark side

There are plenty of reasons to integrate AI in your business but there is some downfall too. The major disadvantage is when everything is automated, creativity takes no place in that process. AI means a machine with intelligence but it cannot replace a human completely. The mass adoption causes unemployment which is a catastrophic result of AI implementation in manufacturing and other sectors.

Solution and Conclusion

  • The short term and immediate solution for unemployment is self-employment and industrialization in rural areas so that people from rural areas may avoid migrating to urban for employment.
  • This is also a risk for the government so that the government can allocate a specified stipend for citizens to maintain a basic life cycle.
  • The government should encourage agricultural-based industrialization. The companies that are going to implement AI should be controlled by the TN government.
  • The fact is open that AI-powered inventions are a great deal for increasing productivity significantly but on the other hand, it can reduce the manpower with the same impact.