Top Digital Marketing Trends To Adapt In 2020

Top Digital Marketing Trends To Adapt In 2020

The Rise Of Voice Search

This may be surprising that voice has begun to hold a special place in Google search, optimize your websites for voice searches with targeted keywords. There are so many techniques to do tha. We can optimize the seed of he website, adding FAQ section in the website and securing website with different aspects can help you to optimize for voice search.

Top digital marketing trends to adapt in 2020

Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Grow

Influencer marketing has been a successful marketing strategy and still makes sellers happy with its effective results. YouTube influencers are one of the most powerful influencer marketing tools that drive real and positive impact on sales. Youtube videos are ore likely to get watched and shared among people.


Personalization is one of the most effective marketing strategies that increase sales rate impressively. This is a current strategy that helps you to categorize your customers based on their interests. It is a good option for both customers and business because you are giving your customers what they want and interested in rather than giving some random advertisements. Personalization can rule the modern marketing, and there is no doubt at all.

Multichannel marketing

Multichannel Marketing means that advertising your brand across multiple media such as Facebook, Instagram and so on. This is a current trend that helps you to gain attention and grow your business quickly, this can help you to establish your brand name on any social media.

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality

AR and VR can be considered as the peak of digital marketing where people can get the real-time shopping experience at home itself. For example, a company named Lenkart allows users to try glasses at home via 3D try on, which is simulated like you are wearing glass. So that you can buy eyewear that suits your face without wearing it.

AI-Based Automation

2020 is the year that is going to see many robots and AI-powered technologies for a smooth digital marketing strategy. The rise is will continue to grow and never fall behind so that invest some efforts to make your business activities automatic to reach the goal quickly.

Content Is King

The quote will remain true until marketing exists, content is the major factor that determines the success of a marketing campaign. The current trend of content marketing is UGC, stands for User Generated Content that helps you to gain value and reputation among people. Encourage UGC with influencer marketers for better growth.

Visual Storytelling

The production and consumption of video content are going high and businesses are in the rush to produce quality visual content. YouTube videos are viewed by more audiences than any other social platform. This shows the victory of visual marketing. Even though every platform supports visual content YouTube stays on the top for this reason.


We have seen a lot of differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing and we are crossing so many updations but the above marketing strategies can stand alone for a long time and rule the marketing world.