Do Contact Tracing Help Health Experts To Fight Against COVID-19?

Do Contact Tracing Help Health Experts To Fight Against COVID-19?

Do Contact Tracing Help Health Experts To Fight Against COVID-19?

The world is facing a tough time due to the virus outbreak, the rapid rise of the death rate threatens so many human lives and the world economy is at risk. To overcome this situation the government and others are contributing their efforts to control and protect people from getting infected by the deadly disease. The coronavirus is labeled as Pandemic by the World Health Organization.

What Is Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing is a process of identifying people who have contacted the person who was tested positive for COVID-19. This can help to find the people who might be affected by the virus if in case they are contacted with COVID-19 patients. This involves collecting the location and people who are contacted with affected people.

The question may arise, that is whether the application is safe or not, the answer is yes! Because working with sensitive data via Bluetooth is a pretty hard process. The app will not identify anyone personally or requires your personal information.

How Does It Work?

The two tech giants Apple and Google have initiated an application that helps to trace infected people, the application is expected to be released in mid of may. The process involves generating a temporary key that lasts for 14 days, after installing this application on everyone’s smartphone, all of the smartphones within 100 meters will be discovered and connected via Bluetooth.

If any of the people are tested positive means, for the remaining 99 people will be alerted with the push notification. So that they can protect themselves by isolating from others and testing for results.

The application won’t show any location, name or mobile number of an affected person. It will show the region so intimate that you have been near a potentially contagious person.

Will It Work In Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is the 3 rd largest smartphone and internet consumers in India next to Maharashtra and Andra Pradesh. So while implementing this tracing application it will be fruitful to Tamil Nadu because of this tremendous network. While comparing the nearest south India states such as Kerala and Karnataka, Tamil Nadu has more than half of its internet consumers. It is a good plan to implement this application and it will definitely result in tracing infected regions.

Barricade Of This Application

The major barricade of this application is it requires a smartphone to discover the affected person. Tamil Nadu's current population is 6. 79 crores, by 2020 it is estimated to reach 7.7 million people. Tamil Nadu has 7.181 Crore, mobile users. So it means that almost every person has smartphones but think about other states, for instance, the total number of mobile users in Kerala is 3.3 crores and the total population is 3. 48 crores, still some regions lacking in smartphone consumption.

The disadvantage is people without smartphones cannot be identified with this system. But still, this is an excellent way to identify the infected person.