Why there is No Jack Ma in TN

Why there is No Jack Ma in TN

Why there is No Jack Ma in TN

Tamil Nadu currently(2020) is the second largest economy in the Union of India with GDP of 20 Trillion INR .The IT industry started in TN in the late 80’s and 90’.

TN got into the IT industry as a service for the Amercians. Chinese got into the manufacturing industry as service for the Amercians. Later Chinese also made their late entry into the IT industry.

Both started they career as Service Industry to the Americans but now the picture of China is different when compared to TN.China is no more a service industry but a product maker.China defines the other countries market .

Three decades (30 years) passed and still TN people work in the same IT industry as service.Still doing the same service jobs and get money from foregin countries like a building contractor.So if this continues, will an Icon like Jack Ma be created or born ?

Do these below questions or challenges block us from moving to a product based industry

  1. We are not smart working ?
  2. First Generation IT leaders vision is Limited ?
  3. We are the CEO’s of World's Top Companies, is that not enough?
  4. Do TN Govt policies not support the IT industry ?
  5. Is the TN Education system bad ?
  6. TN has less Engineering Colleges ?
  7. More english speaking people in TN than China then why can't we ?
  8. TN parents don't support and encourage their children ?
  9. ...like these many questions arise for me

The simple answer I think we don't have Jack Ma because as one among you I need..

  1. Safe and secure Job.
  2. I want to become rich and wealthy in short term period
  3. I'm lazy in taking risks
  4. I'm Very low in productivity
  5. I want to be a CEO,CTO,Manager,Developer but not to be Entrepreneur
  6. I'm ready to work for American,British,Japanese with pride rather than serving local people.
  7. With these few simple answers I want to change my mindset from service industry mindset to product based industry minset.Its not too late to start from today but sitting with the same service industry is bad and taking this same IT service industry to our children is worse.


The author is from TN and has limited knowledge of the entire people’s mindset of Union of India.