Search Engine Optimization:
Expectation Vs Reality Businesses Must Aware Of It

Search Engine Optimization: Expectation Vs Reality Businesses Must Aware Of It

SEO is a technical strategy of improving your site’s rankings in search engine results. The process involves finding which keywords and phrases your target audience uses when they need something on the internet. The goal is to drive more visitors to your website, so the knowledge of what people are searching for can help businesses to understand the marketing requirements. Since it is technically possible to make your brand visibility on the top of Google’s results, but not all the time. Let’s see it’s nature and abilities.

Search Engine Optimization

How It Works - A Quick Overview

Before getting into how SEO works, you need to know what are the internal components that make an SEO technique possible. The major three components are

  1. Crawl
  2. Index
  3. Rank

Phase 1:

Crawling process Search the Internet for content in code/content for each address they find. Crawlers or spiders discover content regardless of the format, the major format is links, and the common formats are an image, a video, a PDF.

Phase 2:

The indexing process collects and organizes the result( content) found in the crawling process. Once a page is indexed, it is ready to be displayed for relevant searches. a huge database of all the indexed content they’ve found during the process and considered the ready state to display for a search query.

Phase 3:

The ranking process provides the most suitable and relevant results to the least relevant. When a user searches, the search engines seek their index for the most relevant content and then orders that content based on the searcher's query. This is known as Ranking.

Expectation - What Do People Think About SEO?

As digital marketers and businesses know that SEO is an essential part of online marketing, they have some unrealistic expectations on SEO techniques to do magic for their business. Here are a few of their expectations.

  1. Search Engine Optimization is all about trending keywords and keyword stuffing, when we have more keywords through our content we will be on the top of the first page.
  2. Paid SEO techniques can drive millions of people in a day to increase their sales.
  3. Once I am done with the SEO process, it will long last so I can expect results for life long.
  4. Once I got a place on the first page, I will remain on the same page for long even though I didn’t optimize the recent trends.
  5. Anyone can become a master in SEO easily.
  6. Only paid SEO can be fruitful for business, only on-page optimization can build domain authority and drive traffic to the website.

The Reality - What Actually It Is?

  1. SEO isn’t stuffing all keywords everywhere in the content.
  2. SEO techniques will not drive a ton of traffic overnight.
  3. Guest blogs can gain significant viewers with backlinks, which will help you to improve your Domain Authority.
  4. Search Engine Optimization is not a one time process to do once and sit back for results. This technique will not drive traffic to the website automatically.
  5. Search engine algorithms keep upgrading and becoming smarter. Optimizing your content and keywords is essential to hold your place on the first page of search results, if not you may go disappear.
  6. Content and keyword optimization must be done with the knowledge of recent search engine algorithms. Go for keyword planning tools like “Google keyword planner” to find effective keywords and better search results.
  7. SEO needs regular implementation and experimentation with trials. No one can become a master in a day.
  8. SEO process does not require a huge amount to go the track when you do it properly since the technique is to boost your rankings it can result in positive results when you go for the right SEO partner.


The fact is now clear that SEO cannot be done in a single day and it is not static, SEO requires a significant amount of time, effort and patience to make a successful advertising plan. The advice is

  • Do not expect an SEO technique to increase your sales and domain authority in a day.
  • Stay awake about search engine algorithms and updates.
  • Go for legit and organic ways to boost visitors for your websites.