What Do People Think About Website Designing And What Actually It Is?

What Do People Think About Website Designing And What Actually It Is?

Are you running a business and want to make your business presence online? Here is a pro guide for you to do so. Be ready to spend your little time to read this game-changing trump card for your business. We are going to educate you on website development and its impacts on your business. Let’s get started.

What Do People Think About Website Designing And What Actually It Is?
Minmegam: Good morning Mr.Bala(client), please be seated.
Bala: Thank you! I want a website for my art studio, can you please explain in detail about websites and cost.
Minmegam: Good morning Mr.Bala(client), please be seated.
Bala: Thank you! I want a website for my art studio, can you please explain in detail about websites and cost.
Minmegam: Sure sir! Please list out your requirements.
Bala: I want a single-page website which lasts long throughout the year, I need to update images of my arts so that I need some storage, I want to make this website active for 24/7 and responsive. I want to add social media accounts to my business.
Minmegam: Sure sir! Please let me explain our plans. We have a wide range of websites and application development services. If you want you can have a look.
Since your business is about arts and photos, the Gallery website is the best-suited website for your business. And our plans are Small, Medium and Enterprise. Our small plan starts with 4499 rupees, a medium plan for 7499 rupees and an enterprise plan for 25000rs.
Bala: OK since my business is a medium enterprise so I like to go for a Medium plan.
Minmegam: OK Sir.Good Choice.
Bala: Do I need to pay any hidden or extra charges when I buy a Medium plan?
Minmegam: No sir! You need to renew at the end of the year from the purchasing date.
Bala: OK so what's next
Minmegam: Please give details about the pages you need. If you have any sample please give us
Bala: OK I need just 5 Pages only (Home, About Us, Projects Done, Gallery, Contact Us)
Minmegam: Ok sir we will then start developing the web site
Bala: Do I need to pay for each page?
Minmegam: No sir!
Bala: How long it takes time
Minmegam: Within 1 week we can release your site.
Bala: Will you give any discounts?
Minmegam: No sir our prices are the best in the market we availed extra cost benefits for you it is similar to discount.
Bala: Please explain how this website responds to my customers? And how they can contact me for business.
Minmegam: Your page will be designed to respond to queries from mobiles and we will integrate your business location on the website and there will be a contact us form that can connect you and your customers. You can have your social media accounts which allow your customers to stay connected with your updates.
Bala: Please explain about the domain and hosting
Minmegam: We provide a domain with .com or .in for our small plan. Get hosting details A domain name is an address by which users can find your business, the domain name is a combination of letters and numbers with the extension of .com, .org, .in and so on.

You need to have a unique domain name that will direct to your website when a user searches with it. No one can have the same domain name, for example, your business name is Bala art gallery means you can have domain names like “balaartgallery.com” or some compositions as you wish.

Your domain name is a web identity for your business which needs to be clear and memorable so that people can find you easily.

Domain Hosting In simple words, it stores your websites in the server.
Bala: Do I need to select and buy the domain name
Minmegam: Yes sir you need to select the domain name and we will purchase the domain.
Bala: Do I need to pay for the domain?
Minmegam: The package you have purchased contains the domain itself.
Bala: What type of server you are using?
Minmegam: We use our private servers which are hosted in the Amazon cloud server.
Bala: Do you assure any security for websites?
Minmegam: Yes sir! We do offer a free SSL certificate for secure browsing. We also provide a firewall to prevent hacking and to secure the webpage data.
Bala: Do I need to pay for SSL?
Minmegam: No sir! You don’t have to pay for it.
Bala: Do I need to pay for a firewall?
Minmegam: No sir! It is free of cost. It is complementary to our customers.
Bala: Do you have any data backup support?
Minmegam: weekly once we do data backup. That is also complementary.
Bala: What if I need any help from you?
Minmegam: We support our customers for any kind of queries throughout the year.
Bala: What if a customer wants to purchase my art through a website? Are there any payment methods?
Minmegam: Yes! We provide payment gateway to collect money from your customer. You can get any payment gateway from Paytm like providers. We just use the API key to process your transactions. We advise you to get a bank gateway because it is cheap and best.
Bala: How long the site will be active after releasing?
Minmegam: every year you need to pay for domain and server charges.
Bala: Can I get it for free of cost?
Minmegam: No sir! We also need to pay the domain company. We also have server running costs.
Bala: What if I want to change the website design? Do I need to pay for that?
Minmegam: Yes sir! It involves new development so you have to pay.
Bala: do you provide any SEO services for free?
Minmegam: No sir! We are not providing any paid or free services.
Bala: Do you provide any other services for free?
Minmegam: No sir! We provide SSL certificates and Firewalls for free whereas other companies are charging for that. We value our customers so that we added those extra-cost benefits for our customers.
Bala: Ok sir I have realized that we can’t get everything for free and some of them can be given at free. But if it costs means surely it will have a positive impact and the free services are meant to encourage businesses to have a website for their business. Now I have fully understood the web designing process, soon I will come out with my requirements.