How To Promote Your Website For Your Business In Google Adwords

How To Promote Your Website For Your Business Google Adwords

Google AdWords allocates a place for your ads in front of your customers who are searching for products/services. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a Google Adwords account. You can start with $5 to start advertising your ad in pay per click model. You only pay when a user clicks your ad unless you don’t have o pay. Let me tell you the tips and tricks to improve your reach Google Adwords.

How To Promote Your Website For Your Business Google Adwords

Google Search

For a startup business, Google Search is a low budget and an effective way to have sturdy reach at first. Google search answers over 7 billion searches every day. Among the numerous benefits, you can potentially increase your reach, cost benefits and results are measurable. Google provides enough tools to enhance your visibility with the top products such as Google Trends, the searches that are shown to you depends on your location, when you choose your country you will get top trending searches in your country.

Keyword Selection

Search Engine Optimization is all about keywords and links while choosing your trending and high volume keywords can give meaning for your efforts. The common keywords to target are your branded keywords. The most common keywords you need to include in your article is the company name, services. Use Google Keyword Planner. You can use long-tailed keywords that are more specific and targeted to your business. For example, for a web development company, the possible long-tailed keywords are

  1. Web development company near me
  2. Web development company in Coimbatore
  3. Best Web development company
  4. Top Web development company in Coimbatore….
  5. The above are some of the long-tailed keywords for a web development company, there are some more possibilities to add a keyword in your campaign.


Google allows businesses to advertise Pay Per Click for searches from a specific location. You can use the Geotargeting method by city, zip code, radius targeting by kilometer. You can make sure that you are showing your ads to your users near your business area. Geotargeting does not limit you to target people only near your location, you can even select your desired location to target customers.

Day Parting

If you work only from 9 am-9 pm, then you can turn off your ads during non-working hours. Dayparting helps you to show ads only at your working times. Dayparting features to run/stop ads during peak hours or slow times/days. If you want to increase the conversion rates during peak hours you can run ads. You can turn on and off as you want.

Device Targeting

You can even target users based on the device they are using such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets separately. You can split up a mobile device targeting other types of devices. The rise of smartphones forces businesses to target mobile users. Mobile searches are more likely to buy products or hire services.

Businesses can add a telephone number in their ads so that your customers can contact you directly. Another reason to target mobile devices separately is mobile phones can serve almost every service that users are looking from calling to hiring a business.