Website Vs Facebook Vs Instagram Vs Whatsapp Promotion

Website Vs Facebook Vs Instagram Vs Whatsapp Promotion

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Website

Website vs Facebook vs Instagram vs WhatsApp Promotion

We have enough social media to promote our business, but not all social media is for business promotion, among all social platforms there are two peculiar platforms that increase your brand visibility potentially, and the platforms are Facebook and Instagram.

On the other hand, Whatsapp is a social messaging app that allows people to chat using their registered mobile number on the platform. Now Whatsapp also helps businesses sell their products.

The website is a page of information and the common digital marketing trend that helps brands to establish their business online and promote their products.

to Let me distinguish how the 4 platforms help brand promotion.

Brand Engagement:

Facebook has 60 million business profiles and Instagram Has 25 million business profiles and Whatsapp has over 3 million businesses registered.

32% of Facebook users only like, comment or follow a Business Page, but 68% of Instagram users engage with the brands regularly, and 80% of users follow Instagram brands. 70.7% of brands in the US use Instagram for their branding purpose.

Even though Facebook has over 8 billion video views the brand engagement is less while comparing it with Instagram. But still, image and video ads are the most effective ad types than others.

The website engagement rate depends on the particular page so that we can’t simply define the engagement rate entirely.

Audience And Targeting:

Facebook is the oldest social media platform that has a large number of people with all age groups. The common age group is between 25-34. But still, Instagram dominates Facebook for business engagement.

Instagram’s active users are less than Facebook with an audience age group of 18 to 34-year. You can reach your target audience directly using Facebook rather than Instagram, I conclude that Facebook is better at audience targeting.

Whatsapp doesn’t come under these categories because it mainly focuses on private messaging if you want to target your audience you need to add their mobile number, or you can create a group of people.

The website is a page that holds information about something, we can target the audience by stuffing content on that page, the process is called Search Engine Optimization. We can use keywords, meta tags, and titles, content, links, Contextual, Cross-Device, Geotargeting, Retargeting, and Behavioral targeting.

Mobile-friendliness And Mobile Users.

Have you ever found any difficulties in Facebook applications on mobile devices? I never had any issues, because Facebook is perfectly optimized for all kinds of devices. 95% of Facebook users access their accounts via mobile phones, 31.8% via laptop and PCs, and 8.8% via tablets so the numbers show its perfection.

Fascinating right?

But Instagram lacks desktop views. My personal experience with Instagram is I was unable to log in on desktop and other devices instead of my device. Instagram is created for mobile users, you can’t simply loin, watch stories or edit photos.

Whatsapp is being used on the desktop by simply scanning the QR code in site. You just need to click the WhatsApp web in your mobile and scan the QR code shown on the site.

Websites can be designed mobile-friendly any time, either in development or in the optimization phase, since it in the hands of a developer. You can even view desktop view on the mobile phone itself. You don’t have to remember a password or username unless you need to log in to a particular page.

That's all! Here you go! You don’t have to remember your password and username.

Here Facebook, Whatsapp, Websites are better than Instagram.

Tip: if you want to run a successful ad campaign on Facebook means that you need to optimize your content for all kinds of devices. Make it mobile-friendly!

Budget For Ad Campaign

If you are confused about the budget for ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook, this is for you!

It costs $0.27(Rs 20.66) for Cost Per Click and $7.19 (Rs 550.04) for Cost Per thousand Impressions.

The cost is $1.41(Rs 107.87) for Cost Per Click and (Rs 605.12) $7.91 for Cost Per thousand Impressions.

Whatsapp ad campaign is not based on cost per click or cost per thousand impressions.$0.99 for a yearly ad campaigning (Rs 75.73).

You can start your CPC for 3 ads averagely, $5( Rs 382.58) initially, and we would recommend that you invest $1500( Rs 114772.57) as a monthly budget for your Google AdWords campaign. There are so many ad campaigns available but Google AdWords is one of the effective marketing strategies for your business. Google search answers over 7 billion searches every day, so it worth investing money in it.

My recommendation is to go for 2 platforms or ad campaigning, you can even choose WhatsApp if you are a startup company.

Kinds Of Ads.

Facebook offers 11 types of ads so that you can choose more than one ad format as [er product. For example, if you want to showcase a gallery of images, if you want to showcase videos you can run video ads. To offer something, you can choose offer ads.

  1. Video Ads
  2. Image Ads
  3. Collection Ads
  4. Carousel Ads
  5. Slideshow AdsFacebook Instant Experiences/Canvas Ads
  6. Lead Generation Ads
  7. Offer Ads
  8. Post Engagement Ads/Boosted Posts
  9. Event Response Ads
  10. Page Likes
  11. Facebook Instant Experiences/Canvas Ads.

Instagram offers only 4 types of ads. Instagram offers a limited type of ads. You may be forced to choose within these 4 types.

  1. Photo Ads
  2. Video Ads
  3. Carousel Ads
  4. Stories Ads.

These are common ad types you can use in a website, among these Cost per impression and pay per click is the most common online advertising methods.

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Cost per impression
  3. In-image advertising
  4. In-text advertising
  5. Pay per click
  6. Display ads
  7. Search ads
  8. Banner ads
  9. Videos
  10. Digital Signage
  11. Email Marketing
  12. Social Ads
  13. Search Engine Marketing
  14. Native advertising.

Whatsapp ads haven’t been familiar like the above types of ads, but they offer 4 types of ads that businesses can make use of it.

  1. Cost Per 1000 Impressions
  2. Cost Per Click
  3. Cost Per Sale
  4. Cost Per App Installation.


Here I have distinguished various factors of the 4 platforms to incorporate with your advertising plan, the overall votes goes to Facebook and Website marketing because of its comforts and it provides a wide range of knowledge about business performances as well you don’t have strain yourself to utilize those platforms.